SolarNow is hiring a Corporate Sales Engineer who will be responsible for ensuring a financially sustainable SolarNow and creating a portfolio of happy corporate clients by focusing on: i) protection of the client from financial issues, ii) delivery of quality products and superb services, iii) design, sale, support, install and service a wide range of solar solutions.


About the market

More than 500m USD addressable market is to be found in Kenya and Uganda, among corporate entities that could benefit from solar power in its multiple incarnations.

In these countries, where grid connection is unreliable and expensive, or gensets are considered a good alternative, there is huge potential to use solar power instead to provide economic and financial benefits to those entities. However, awareness of these options and the willingness to invest in them is still scarce.

About SolarNow

To tackle this, SolarNow sells quality solar products and suitable appliances ranging from small household systems capable of powering lights, radios, phones, TVs and/or fridge(s) to much larger systems suitable for offices, schools and machinery. Increasingly SolarNow is also catering to the needs of (off-grid) farmers by providing irrigation solutions and to larger corporate entities like manufacturing halls, offices, malls, professional farmers, the hospitality industry, and similar.

SolarNow provides credit and service that allows customers to spread payments over 24 months and receive service for 5 years. The company has over 1,000 employees and a network of 50 branches in Uganda and 15 branches in Western Kenya.

About you

You are someone who cares deeply about improving livelihoods in Africa, but you bring more than passion to the role: you have the grit and resilience to make change happen. You are excited about understanding this nascent industry, the SolarNow products, its unique value proposition and the difference they make.

You have a successful track record in bringing products to corporate markets and are a dynamic problem-solver who has strong empathy and passion for solar power and the people you work with. You are the person who represents the client in the organisation but are at the same time the number one advocate of the product and value proposition. You are curious and do not fear to challenge the status quo, but are sensitive in how to communicate this. You build strong and effective bridges within the organisation to achieve real results. You are not afraid to fail and see it as an opportunity to learn!

You bring with you the skills and behaviour that is needed to tackle a smart, knowledgeable, critical market that is used to dealing with larger numbers and sees things through an economic lens. You stand your ground and do not give up when faced with hardship and pushback, because you know that in the end you will make a positive impact on this planet.

About the position

  • Reports to: Country Corporate Manager
  • Team: Corporate Desk (Uganda Section). Colleagues are multiple other sales engineers & sales ops
  • Location: Kansanga, Uganda.
  • Start date: July, 2019 (suggested)

Your Responsibilities

Ensure revenue growth through ever increasing client satisfaction by:

  • Sector Sales: you scout opportunities within your assigned sector
  • Design: you design the right solution for the client provided the mix of corporate solar solutions
  • Credit: you do a good credit assessment (within policy; financial protection; ensure understanding)
  • Installation: you install (all) client’s system at industry quality standards
  • Service: you support the client when there is a technical problem
  • Up-sales: you confirm if/when upgrade readiness or referral readiness of clients

Qualifications and competencies

  • Background: At least a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineer or equivalent
  • Experience: At least 7 years’ experience in (>10kWp) solar technical work (within or outside of SolarNow).
  • Personality: A creative, extrovert, polite, go-getting, passionate, structured/organized team-player.
  • Skills: Advanced spreadsheet & presentation making skills; driving license.
  • Culture: Proven Passion for improving lives; Fun-Loving; Proven proactive client-centric behaviour

Technical skills  Competencies

  • Sound judgment in the customer qualifying process
  • Strong multi-tasking, time management and organization skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills via telephone and in person
  • Manage lead flow to ensure customer satisfaction and successfully grow team sales by securing new sales leads
  • Actively build connections and relationships in different territories
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations. Close deals and execute sales contracts
  • Update and maintain company Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database
  • Provide customers with information such as quotations, warranties, credit information,
  • Incentives and any other relevant information.
  • Analyze customers’ current and projected electrical usage and financial return on investment; Solar Sizing
  • Understand and analyze customer’s solar needs. Measure and document customers’ solar needs
  • Calculate potential costs and savings
  • Communicate site details to the company’s solar designers and installation teams

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary and benefits are competitive, commensurate with experience.

Suitable candidates should send their Application letters, CVs and copies of their academic documents to not later than 13th March 2020. Use the title of the job you are applying for as the subject line.

Release date:                3rd   March, 2020

Title position :              Corporate Sales Engineer

Closing date :               13th March 2020

Contact :                        Human Resources

E-mail  :