Introduction of Solar Rooftop Systems

A new solar solution for the ON-GRID SME market is now available at fantastic ROIs. The specialist company SolarNow explains more.

Founded in 2011, Kampala-based SolarNow is a solar provider that designs, installs and services a wide array of solar solutions and provides a credit scheme specifically designed for SMEs and the domestic market. SolarNow has sold more than 50,000 solar systems in East-Africa, with cumulative installations of around 5MW of PV capacity.

With respectively 60% and 80% of the population off-grid in Kenya and Uganda, providing power to off-grid areas by solar PV technology has taken large steps in the recent decades. Solar helps save money daily. It also provides modern lights where before, studying and working was hard in the evening and night. And not to forget, the mitigating effect on climate change solar power could bring.

Contrary to the commonly known Solar Home Systems (SHS), Solar Rooftop Systems for commercial, industrial and institutional customers are now a new concept following the drop in PV module prices. Traditionally, solar systems have been mainly considered for off-grid application as an alternative for getting access to the grid. However, a rooftop solar system works together with the grid to ensure savings during the day on the power bill, while still having all advantages of access to an electrical grid. It is lower in investment price due to the absence of batteries – all the power generated is used directly and reduces the power bill directly. A general rule of thumb is that solar kWh units are 50% of the grid price!

Since November 2018, SolarNow has piloted this concept in Uganda and Kenya and knows that these rooftop solar systems typically earn themselves back in 4 years. Early adopters of the technology are the Dutch Embassy, the hospitality industry (f.e. the Yellow Haven in Kampala) and large interest from the educational and health sector.

If you are interested, for you or your company/institution, in a three to four-year return on your power investment, please contact SolarNow on, visit any of our +60 branches, or call 0800 270 070.

Due to this success, we are also looking for experiences sales engineers to strengthen our team!