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Meet our Power System

Panel 50W

250,000 USh

Battery 45Ah

320,000 USh

Panel 250W

770,000 USh

Battery 200Ah

SolarNow Battery Large

890,000 USh

Meet our products

24″ TV

1,140,000 USh

SF2 Water Pump

1,527,490.00 USh

USB Phone Charger

90,000 USh


160,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 3W

170,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 9W

230,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 10W

160,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 30W

200,000 USh

Zuku Decoder

165,000 USh

Small Fridge 35L

1,290,000 USh

Big Fridge 112L

1,990,000 USh

JIko Dura

125,000 USh

Jiko Bora

125,000 USh


50,000. USh

Rain Maker

2,890,000. USh

1.6kw Inverter

2,490,000. USh

SolarNow Systems

50wp System

90,000 USh

50wp system with 15″TV

90,000 USh

100wp system with 19″TV

90,000 USh

150wp system

160,000 USh

200wp system

170,000 USh

250wp system

230,000 USh

250wp system for Video Hall

160,000 USh