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We offer complete corporate solutions that are tailored based on individual business needs. Be it an institution, health facility, corporate office, commercial business; our recommendations are modeled and customized to meet our clients’ needs.

Contact us today for a free visit to your premises and we will provide you with solar power information, free sizing, cost, financing solutions and much more.

SolarNow Power System – The 1KWp Pack

4 x 250Wp Solar Panel + 4 x 200Ah Battery +
50A PWM 24V Controller + 1.6kW 24V Inverter

7,800,000 USh

Meet our happy clients


“Switching to SolarNow was one of the smartest business decisions I made. We stopped paying for unreliable and expensive grid energy and generators. After 2 years of repayments we now pay nothing for our lighting and charging needs in the office. And we are never having a blackout again!”

“SolarNow means our lights and medical equipment always function to help us do life-saving work! For example, before, it was really hard for our maternity ward to deliver babies safely. Now with our SolarNow system we are much better equipped to work 24 hours a day with the lighting we need!”

“Our SolarNow system means that we are a better educational institution. Our children deserve access to light and information to fulfil their potential. We are now able to provide a better start for our kids with SolarNow!”

SolarNow Power System – Upgrades

250Wp Solar Panel

SolarNow Solar Panel 250W

770,000 USh

200Ah Battery

SolarNow Battery Large

1,700,000 USh

SolarNow Products

Radio Torch

SolarNow Radio

50,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 3W

170,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 9W

230,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 10W

160,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 30W



Zuku Decoder

Big Fridge 112L


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