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Start your farming solution with a WaterPump System and add a household or business solution at any time.

SolarNow WaterPump System


3,190,000 USh

Rain maker

Meet our happy clients

“I used to be very worried about the dry season and whether I’ll have enough water. With the SolarNow waterpump I don’t worry anymore. I have been able to double my earnings during the dry season and I’ve stopped paying for expensive water trucks!”

Thanks to SolarNow my Solar water pumps is irrigating my tomatoes and bananas, filling ponds! I am saving UGX120,000 a month on water irrigation and making on average UGX220,000 a month by lending the Water pump to my neighbors.

My home is a happy home because of this water pump, life has become so much easier for me and my wife. Now we can do all our farming work in less time than we used to in the past. We are also making money and saving money.