SolarNow Household Solutions


Start your modern household solution with a SolarNow 50Wp Power System and upgrade at any time.

SolarNow Power System – The Welcome Pack

Start Pack 50Wp + 50Wp Solar Panel + Phone Charging +
45Ah Battery + Light Pack 3x 3w + Radio Torch

990,000 USh
or pay 35,000 USh per month on credit*

Meet our happy clients

"As a small scale farmer, I save at least 5000 UGX every single month with SolarNow"

"We’re really proud of our SolarNow system. We started with one panel with lights but have upgraded over time and now have a TV and fridge too! Now me and my friends never miss a Manchester United game which makes me so happy!"

“With SolarNow we’re a modern home. I love being the brightest house in our community!”

SolarNow Power System – Upgrades

Panel 50W

250,000 USh

Battery 45Ah

320,000 USh

Panel 250W

SolarNow Solar Panel 250W

770,000 USh

Battery 200Ah

SolarNow Battery Large

890,000 USh

SolarNow Products


50,000 USh

90,000 USh


160,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 3W

170,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 9W

230,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 10W

160,000 USh


870,000 USh


990,000 USh

Zuku Decoder

165,000 USh

Small Fridge 35L

1,290,000 USh

Big Fridge 112L

1,990,000 USh

Solar Laptop Charger

125,000 USh