SolarNow Small Business Solutions


As businesses and startups grow and evolve, they try to find solutions for saving money and having a better budget management system. SolarNow solutions will help your business save and reduce utility bills.

Begin your journey with a 150Wp system and upgrade at any time.

SolarNow Power System – The Welcome Pack

Start Pack 50Wp + 50Wp Solar Panel + Phone Charger +
45Ah Battery + Light Pack 3x 3w + Radio Torch

990,000 USh
or pay 35,000 USh per month on credit*

Meet our happy clients

“SolarNow means that I now have reliable power. I can work later into the night and earn more money. I attract more customers this way and it’s made a huge difference. And when I leave at night, I know that the SolarNow security lights will protect my business.”

“I earn more money every day with SolarNow. With my SolarNow clippers, I see more customers and have less accidents”

“I am now known for being ‘the business with light at night’. People in the community know that I am serious about my business and staying open a bit later in the evenings makes my customers happy”

SolarNow Power System – Upgrades

Panel 50W

250,000 USh

Battery 45Ah

320,000 USh

Panel 250W

SolarNow Solar Panel 250W

770,000 USh

Battery 200Ah

SolarNow Battery Large

890,000 USh

SolarNow Products

Lightpack 3 x 3W

170,000 USh

Lightpack 3 x 9W

230,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 10W

160,000 USh

Floodlight Pack 30W

200,000 USh

Big Fridge 112L

1,990,000 USh


870,000 USh


990,000 USh

Zuku Decoder

165,000 USh

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