Story from our client – Mr Kahigi James.

Mr Kahigi James, a retired Magistrate residing in Jinja town, who has been a SolarNow client since November 2018. Mr Kahigi has invested in a solar powered water pump that he uses for his dairy farm in Buikwe-Kitigoma Village. He keeps a herd of 25 Freisian cows for his dairy business.

How did you get to know about Solar Now’s water pump?

I had visited the SolarNow tent on the ‘Jinja Agricultural Exhibiton’, where they had water pumps on display. Earlier I had seen the SolarNow advert on NTV so I was tempted to inquire more about solar water pumps. I was impressed with the technology and ended up buying one for my farm.

Why a solar pump water pump for your dairy business?

I have passion for cattle. Securing water for my animals prompted me to opt for solar water pumping. Ever since I bought the pump from SolarNow my farm operation runs smoothly.

How does the pump contribute to your dairy business?

I previously owned a diesel pump. I used to spend UGX 80,000 on diesel every week, which was taking a large part of my milk revenue. I decided to opt for a solar powered pump solution that would not require any fuel- and service costs. The SolarNow pump helps me to save at least UGX 320,000 per month, which contributes to the profitability of my dairy business. Besides the savings, I also earn more with my milk ever since my cows have stable access to water. Ever since I started using the pump, my milk production went up from 30ltrs to 50ltrs per day, which I sell on a daily base for UGX 90,000

Why SolarNow?

Because of their quality and reliability. One day my pump stopped due to the poor handling by one of my farm workers. I called SolarNow and they immediately responded and rectified the problem at no cost. SolarNow is cheap compared to the other pump companies I have visited. I also like the fact that they give payment options, cash and credit. I opted for cash since I had the money.

Any advice to the farmers out there?

I encourage my fellow farmers to opt for solar water pumps as they are cheap on the long run. To those that haven’t joined farming, you are missing a lot! I am happily enjoying my retirement, getting more value out of the farm by spending less time and money. It gives me more time to attend to my other businesses. I also encourage fellow farmers to always buy from professional companies that offer reliable services.


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