1. This is a contract between SolarNow and the Client/Buyer

2. Price and timing of payment(s)

(a) In case the Client does not wish to make use of the PayPlan, the Client commits to pay the Cash Price into the account of SolarNow within four weeks from the date above.
(b) In case the Client wishes to make use of the PayPlan, the Client commits to pay the initial deposit within four weeks after the date mentioned above, and to pay the subsequent installments on time. The Client agrees to pay the Cash Price plus a compensation for the PayPlan facility to SolarNow.
The first installment shall be due two (2) months after the date of paying the initial deposit.
The Client shall receive a payment schedule indicating the total amount payable by the Client, the number and payment dates of the installments and the amount and date at which the initial deposit was paid.
(iii) The Client shall receive a discount when the entire remaining balance is paid more than three
(3) months prior to the final installment date.
(iv) The Client agrees to pay additional costs of UGX 25,000/= and interest accrued in case of late payments or extension of the PayPlan.

3. Mode of payment

The only allowed modes of payments are:
(a) MTN Mobile money: (1) dial *165# (2) select ‘4. Payment ’ (3) select ’1. Utilities ’ (4) select ‘6. SolarNow’ Account number is your code.
(b) Airtel money: (1) dial *185# (2) select ‘4. Pay bill’ (3) select ‘8. Others ’(4) enter Business number:
800008 (5) enter amount (6) enter the client code (written at the top of this Contract) (7) confirm Pay (8) enter PIN
(c) Stanbic Bank: take a cash deposit slip. Always include the client code (written at the top of this

If cash, the beneficiary is SolarNow Services (U) Limited. The account number is 903 000 590 4047.

If credit, the beneficiary is SolarNow SAFI (U) Limited. The account number is 9030011896366
SolarNow staff have been instructed NOT to accept cash payments. SolarNow does not accept liability for any missing payment when the Client has used alternative modes of payment, including cash payments to SolarNow representatives. Call toll free 0800 700 700 in case you need assistance.

4. Service Pack

If the Products include a Service Pack, SolarNow shall provide the following services at no additional costs and under the following terms:
a. Free installation
SolarNow shall make reasonable effort, to deliver and install your solar system at no additional cost within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the deposit payment. Any foreseeable delays in the delivery or installation of your solar system shall be communicated to you. The Client hereby:
(i) Confirms that the roof area where the Products are to be installed is safe and suitable for the installation;
(ii) Confirms to be present or have a delegate present at the time of the delivery and installation of the Products. The date and time of the installation shall be agreed with the Client after receipt of the initial deposit;
(iii) Agrees to sign the installation report upon satisfactory completion of the installation, such signing not to be unreasonably withheld; and
(iv) Agrees to not hold SolarNow liable for loss or damage caused either directly or indirectly by the conditions and physical characteristics of his/her premises.
SolarNow shall:
(i) Do the installation in accordance with the legal and safety requirements of the Government of Uganda;
(ii) Take all reasonable measures to keep the people and property at the Client’s premises out of harm’s way;
(iii) Remove any rubbish and debris that will result from the installation work; and
(iv) Provide user training to the Client.
b. Five (5) years Service and Warranty
(i) SolarNow shall provide the Client with five (5) years of free service. During this period, the Client is entitled to approach SolarNow’s Service Team (toll free number 0800 700 700), and SolarNow shall make available the following options:
a. Invite the client to our service center/branch to receive guidance on fixing a problem and/or deliver a component that requires to be serviced/repaired
b. Provide the client with over/the phone instructions on solving a problem
c. Visit the Client to analyze and fix the problem without charging labor and transportation costs.
(ii) The standard warranty on the components of a Solar Home System (power station, the wiring, switches, charge controller and all installation materials is five (5) years. SolarNow shall repair or replace malfunctioning parts at no costs during five (5) years after installation. However the manufacturer’s warranty on solar panels is twenty (20) years on 80% of performance. Solarnow cover the manufacturer’s warranty over the initial 5 years of the purchase of a Solar Home System by a client. Thereafter, SolarNow shall make reasonable efforts to guide a client on how to make a warranty claim to the respective PV module manufacturer.
The warranty for electrical appliances (e.g. radio, USB hub, lights, television, fridge, flat iron, decoder, inverter, etc.) and batteries shall be limited to one (1) year.

The following situations will result in loss of the Client’s warranty:
(i) Failure by the Client to adhere to instructions given during the user training or in writing. This explicitly includes damage to the battery as a result of overuse by the Client;
(ii) The Client modifies the system (moving, replacements or additions with non SolarNow components); or Breakage or loss of Products due to external causes, including theft, accidents or natural disasters. In the event that the Client intends to move the system after it has been installed, the Client may inform SolarNow and upon notification, SolarNow shall re-install the system at the new location as advised by the Client at a cost based on the distance to be covered, the size of the system and cost of re-installation materials. SolarNow shall maintain cover over the clients warranty if SolarNow relocates a client’s SolarSytem. This will not apply if such a relocation is not done by Solar Now.
c. Client protection (PayPlan clients only)
(i) Calamities: Client who opted for the PayPlan facility, shall be offered financial protection in the case of death or permanent disability of the Client or in case of destruction of the Client’s house (and the Products) due to fire. Upon providing evidence (death certificate, medical report or a police report), SolarNow may waive up to 50% of the outstanding PayPlan balance to support the Client.
(ii) Financial distress: If the Client experiences financial distress, the Client has the right to request for an extension of the PayPlan up to a maximum of six (6) months. Request for extension shall not be approved if the Client provided SolarNow false or incomplete information prior to the installation.

5. Security (PayPlan clients only)

By signing this Contract, the Client’s Spouse or Next of Kin and the Guarantor (if applicable) jointly and individually take full responsibility for honoring the terms of this Contract in case the Client is not willing or not in a position to honor his/her obligations.

The Products as described above serve as collateral to secure their full and on time payment. In the event that the Client fails to honor his/her obligations under this Contract, the complete outstanding PayPlan balance shall become due and payable within thirty (30) days from the date of default.
If the Client fails to make the scheduled payment within thirty (30) days after the due date, SolarNow shall be entitled to repossess the Products wherever found. In such situation, the Client and the Spouse or next of kin hereby irrevocably grant SolarNow access to the premises to repossess the Products. Failure to facilitate repossession shall trigger legal prosecution of the Client, the Spouse or Next of Kin and the Guarantor (if any). SolarNow shall repossess the financed asset by legal process or self-help without the use of force. SolarNow shall have the right to invoke criminal law or other applicable statutes if the client peacefully or violently resists to surrender the financed asset for repossession.
In order to reinstate the Agreement after repossession occurs, the client shall pay all past due installment payments, the reasonable cost of pick-up and delivery and a reinstatement fee of UGX 50,000.

The Client is requested to contact SolarNow as soon as possible in the event that the Client anticipates or experiences a financial hardship. SolarNow shall take all reasonable measures to re-schedule payments and enable the Client to keep the Products. Such reasonable measures however shall depend on SolarNow’s assessment of such a client’s facts and circumstances. Rescheduling may result in extra costs.

6. Assignment/Transfer

The Client shall not transfer, assign, mortgage or sell the solar system during the term of this Agreement and or until all outstanding payments have been completely paid up by the Client.

7. Liability

SolarNow shall not be liable to the Client for any personal injury or damage to property, any other indirect or consequential loss suffered by the Client arising out of the Client’s negligence or misuse of the solar system.

8. Validity and signature block

SolarNow may declare this Contract null and void if:
(a) This contract is not approved by SolarNow’s Credit Desk prior to the installation of the Products;
(b) Failure to pay the initial deposit within four weeks after the date of signing this Contract;
(c) SolarNow determines that the Client’s premises are not fit for the system installation;
(d) The Client informs SolarNow prior to the installation that he/she shall not be able to meet the payment obligations due to unavoidable circumstances that were not known to the Client at the time of signing this Contract.

By signing this Contract, the Client’s Spouse or Next of Kin and the Guarantor (if applicable) guarantee the prompt and satisfactory performance of the Contract by the Client and that they shall assist SolarNow in following up on payments in case of default by the Client.