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About Us

SolarNow exist to provide access to electricity, reliability, affordability, growth and sustainability, the commercial client based on the other hand have a priority initiative to reduce energy cost, and grow financially, reduce on carbon footprint. We understand the pain points of our clients such as long turnaround time and lack of technical know-how this is why we  deeply care about professionalism, client's benefit and the impact of our solutions. 

Access to electricity

We work with clients in off-grid areas by providing them  with reliable solar solutions.


Our solar solutions are client tailor therefore meeting the actual energy need to a client.

Saving on energy Costs

Our solar solutions can provide high ROI with up to 30-50% savings on energy bills. 

Financial Growth 

We provide various financing solution that support almost any C&I budget.

Environmental Sustainability

We ensure our clients become environmentally compliant through reduction in carbon footprint.


Our equipment are Tier-1 stanard and we do not compromise on our product quality.

Our Journey

Started in 2011 as a Paygo provider, SolarNow evolved into a full service EPC by 2021, targeting Commercial, Industrial and Social Infrastructure clients across the East Africa.

We are “engineering-first” business. Our technical expertise is the heart of our promise to our clients. Every one of our customers can expect the highest levels of professionalism, technical skills, and customer support. 

As the quality solar energy provider, this promise stands as strongly as ever and will continue to be the standard we set for ourselves and all our projects. 

SolarNow is obsessed with client centricity in all that it does. We do not aspire to develop solutions that don’t address real problems. 

We continue to listen to our customers and tailor all our solutions to real and urgent needs they identify. SolarNow continues to be a pioneer in the renewable energy space. Leading the way by being creative and bold, has been in our DNA since the beginning.

We work with and through partners to reach our target markets. We work closely with NGOs, industry associations, and corporations like the petrol distributors and restaurant chains.