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SolarNow was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy. Thousands of families and businesses across East Africa have benefited from solar solutions provided by SolarNow over the last 12 years.

From a company focusing on rural consumers and small businesses, SolarNow has evolved into an energy solution provider supporting businesses in the Hospitality, Oil& Gas, and Real Estate sectors as well as institutions in the Education, Healthcare, and Non-profit sectors.

Today, with the global energy transition in full swing, the case for productive solar is stronger than ever. Solar solutions are cleaner and cheaper than fuel-based alternatives and can supplement or even replace grid electricity in an increasing number of cases.

SolarNow is on a mission to lead the energy transition in East Africa, but we won’t do this alone. With our growing network of partners, we will continue to develop energy solutions that have the potential to transform the economy, the environment, and returns to our customers and the communities they serve.

New brand, new direction

On March 16th, SolarNow announced its rebrand. With the changes in our company logo, colors, and overall identity, we complete a 2-year transformation process towards a C&I solar company that serves commercial and institutional customers. As much as this marks a large shift in our focus and profile, we are also keen to preserve and strengthen those things that have defined us and have made SolarNow in what it is today.

What has changed

1. We are now an “engineering-first” business. Our technical expertise has become the heart of our promise to our clients. Every one of our customers can expect the highest levels of professionalism, technical skills and customer support.

2. We operate from our offices in the capital cities, but can reach the whole country, as well as neighboring countries with our services, due to the nature of our projects. Most of our clients are nearby, even though their sites may be out of town.

3. Rather than from our own outlets, we have intensified our focus on working with and through partners to reach our target markets. We work closely together with NGOs, industry associations, and corporations like the petrol distributors and restaurant chains.

What has remained the same

1. SolarNow has always been known in the market as the quality solar energy provider. This promise stands as strongly as ever and will continue to be the standard we set for ourselves and all our projects.

2. SolarNow has always been obsessed with client centricity in all that it does. We do not aspire to develop solutions that don’t address real problems. We continue to listen to our customers and tailor all our solutions to real and urgent needs they identify.

3. Last but not least, SolarNow continues to be a pioneer in the renewable energy space. Leading the way by being creative and bold, has been in our DNA since the beginning.

Our new motto

Power Unlimited

Power Unlimited is an invitation for all of us to think bigger and bolder. What becomes possible if we can really tap into an infinite energy source? How many schools can we light up and equip with 21st century ICT capabilities which connect students to the rest of the world, and help them learn and grow? How many clinics can we power, so that mothers do not need to give birth in the dark, and vaccines can be kept cool for longer and save more lives? How many businesses can we help improve, grow and posper?

It's the energy of the sun that allows us to believe that Power Unlimited is within reach. Our new motto therefore is the vision we see for ourselves, our clients and the communities they serve.


Martin Lustenberger Board Chair
Pieter Walhof Board Member
Florence Mawejje Board Member
Dominic Michel Board Member
Jermaine Saaltink Board Member

Management Board

Chief Executive Officer Boldewijn Sloet

Boldewijn is an off-grid energy pioneer who lived and worked in East Africa for the post 15 years, working both as a business operator and venture investor.

Favorite quote: “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”

Chief Financial Officer & COO Ernst Vriesendorp

Ernst is a seasoned business leader and impact driven professional with over 16 years experience within finance, entrepreneurship, and investment banking.

Favorite quote: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”


Head of Eng. KE Pauline Wachira

Pauline is a licensed Solar PV engineer in Kenya with over 10 years experience in Solar Installations and has managed over 8 MW of Solar PV projects.

Favorite quote: “We must continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn to acquire real knowledge”

Head of Operations Douglas Isaac Dullo

Douglas is a veteran of the East Africa Solar space with over 12 years experience in both Kenya and Uganda specializing in commercial and operations management.

Favorite quote: “Fear kills more dreams than failure”

Head of Eng. UG Amos Odhiambo

Amos is a licensed Solar PV engineer in East Africa with over 12 years experience in commercial Solar solutions design, implementation and commissioning.

Favorite quote: “Success is not given, it is taken”


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  • P.O Box 10776, Kampala, Uganda.
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