SolarNow was founded in 2011 and from the very beginning has been operating in Uganda. Uganda is our home market, we are committed to being a leading quality solar energy provider in Uganda and now in Kenya.

SolarNow’s technology is Dutch designed and developed and manufactured in China. Like Adidas, Samsung and Apple we source our physical products in China to deliver an affordable product, without compromising on quality.

SolarNow shall provide the Client with two (2) years of free service from time of purchase. During this period, the Client is entitled to approach SolarNow’s Service Team (toll free number 0800 270 070), and SolarNow shall visit the Client to analyse and fix the problem without charging labour and transportation costs.

All our batteries are sold with a one year warranty, however the batteries have a much extended lifetime when the system is used as guided by our technicians during installation.

Service cases are dealt with within 14 days, extending to 28 if the product has to be taken back to HQ for repair.


To prevent scamming, SolarNow does not accept cash. Clients must pay through one of the following ways:

  1. MTN Mobile money: (1) dial *165# (2) select ‘4. Payment’ (3) select ’1 Utilities’ (4) select: ‘4 Solar Services’ (5) select 3 SOLARNOW (6) fill reference: client code (written at the top of this Contract) (7) enter amount (8) confirm: enter PIN and send.
  2. Airtel money: (1) dial *185# (2) select ‘ 4. Pay bill’ (3) select ‘8. Others’ (4) enter Business number: 800008 (5) enter amount (6) enter the client code (written at the top of your Contract) (7) confirm Pay (8) enter PIN.
  3. Stanbic Bank: take a cash deposit slip. The beneficiary is SolarNow Services (u) Ltd. The account number is 903 0005904047. Always include the client code (written at the top of your Contract)

The Client is requested to contact SolarNow as soon as possible in the event that the Client anticipates or experiences a financial hardship. SolarNow shall take all reasonable measures to re-schedule payments and enable the Client to keep the Products. Note that rescheduling may result in extra costs.

SolarNow is proud to provide a range of financing options to our clients. Clients can pay in monthly repayments for up to 12 months with as little as 30% deposit. Please contact a member of the SolarNow team on 0800 270 070 to discuss a financing option that works best for you.

The standard warranty on the SolarNow’s Products is two (2) years. That means that SolarNow shall repair or replace malfunctioning parts at no costs during two (2) years after installation of the Products. This includes the power station, the wiring, switches, charge controller and all installation materials. The warranty for the solar panels shall however be twenty (5) years. The warranty for electrical appliances (e.g. radio, USB hub, lights, television, fridge, flat iron, decoder, inverter, etc.) and batteries shall be limited to one (1) year. Solar minikits have 2 years warranty.

The following situations will result in loss of the Client’s warranty:

  1. Failure by the Client to adhere to instructions given during the user training or in writing. This explicitly includes
    damage to the battery as a result of overuse by the Client;
  2. The Client modifies the system (moving, replacements or additions with non SolarNow components); or
  3. Breakage or loss of Products due to external causes, including theft, accidents or natural disasters.

With the payment of labour & transport fees, SolarNow shall deliver and install your solar system at no additional cost within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the cash or deposit payment. Any foreseeable delays in the delivery or installation of your solar system shall be communicated to you.