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SolarNow provides world class Engineering, Procurement and Construction including Client financing services for industrial clients. Our client tailored solutions for off-grid, grid-tied, hybrid power connectivity comes with remote monitoring. Our solar energy technologies have improved a lot over the recent years and proven economically competitive for meeting growing energy needs of the industrial sector such as Manufacturing, Agro-processing, Mining, Oil and Gas including water desalination, enhanced oil recovery, food processing, chemical production, and mineral processing, among many others. Find out more about our industrial solar systems. 

Solar Solutions

High Electricity Bill Unreliable Power
Application Sites with high daytime electricity consumption  Areas with frequent power blackouts and load shedding 
Solar Solution  Grid-tied Solar System
 Hybrid Solar Systems
Components Solar + Grid Inverter  Solar + Inverter + Storage 
Business Benefits  Immediate savings on energy costs and reduce the monthly electricity bills by 20-50%    To provide power during blackouts and outages 
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Our solutions and innovations contributes directly or indirectly to numerous agendas of the Sustainable Develioment Goals of the Vision 2030. We have a renewed commitment towards achieving these goals together with our partners and team of experts.